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Low Doherty & Stratford have a team of experience litigators. Our firm acts for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Low Doherty & Stratford have appeared and represented parties in the following courts and tribunals;

  1. High Court of Australia
  2. Federal Court of Australia
  3. Federal Magistrates Court of Australia;
  4. Supreme Court of New South Wales;
  5. District Court of New South Wales;
  6. New South Wales Local Courts (including Children’s Court);
  7. New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal;
  8. Land and Environment Court of New South Wales;
  9. Consumer Trading and Tenancy Tribunal;
  10. New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission; and
  11. Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

If you need representation in a commercial dispute, or in any kind of civil litigation, contact our office and speak with one of our qualified and experienced professionals.